Digital Well-Being Economy 2022

Digital Well-Being Economy

Re-think, Re-shape, Re-Skill

Thriving through
the Digital world

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Share Learned Lessons

How companies are dealing with digital transformations, employees management and stakeholders demands in a digitalized society? Conversations about what we did pre- and post- 2020. Attendees will share experiences focusing on developing benchmark indicators that must be defined, evaluated and managed.


Even if one wants to be informed about trends,  an overdose of tasks and information make it difficult to process  important knowledge correctly. Specific Workshops, lead by international experts,  enable us  to keep in mind the worldwide evolution of the economical, social and cultural trends.

Well-being and behavioral health

Define corporate well-being will improve what we ask of employees in exchange for their time, knowledge, energy, and engagement. Adopting Technology changes the nature of work. The Well-being economy is a growing market, mainly digital based, but also has  interesting opportunities for re-imagining health, education and consumer behavior. This great benefit for humankind implies a cultural change with motivation and leadership. Companies, who are the social agents  driving this change, will discuss new concepts, work positions and agreements to promote an ordered transition.


Mallorca Spain

March, 1st - 5th, 2022

The Forum will be held in Mallorca.  As an international destination to host this hybrid event. Virtual connections  will insure that all guests &  attendees could join the event.

If trans-oceanic flights are not possible, Bariloche (Argentina) will work as an inter-connected mirror event for South-America.


Salud mental postvacacional

Re-thinking work

The Digital world works  24/7  365 days of the year and  50% of internet traffic is non human.
Behavioral health in risk?

Cyberattacks take advantage of humans lack of digital skills and over cognitive workloads. Psychodigital risk should be defined and managed.

Re-think work/workers, reward and new agents as AI.

Re-shape the workplace concept

One century ago, people moved to the cities in order to contribute to a work model based on location. The 2022 trend is moving back to towns or be knowmad.

Re-shape organizational culture. Incorporate Digital Management tools, a new cultural narrative about what it means to work in our life. It’s one of the biggest challenges.

Re-skill digital human condition

Being digital means how to manage digital id, relations, behaviors and life goals. When  Defining digital human assets, we start thinking about what data implies in our daily inter-connected life.

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